– Chat Command List

Here is a list of my current chat commands. If you think of a command you would like added, just let me know in chat.

!beerSparkly beer emotes in chat
!bookPost the link for the session book in chat.
!breadBread Emotes in chat
!brokeYou broke me! You have made me laugh while playing the flute or whistle [count] times
!clapClap emotes in chat.
!confettiSparkly confetti in chat
!commandsLink to the command list (this page)
!cuckooThe Cuckoo clock has cuckooed [count] times on stream!
!cowsDancing Cows on screen
!danceDance emotes in chat
!dance2More dance emotes in chat
!dance3Even more dance emotes in chat
!discordOur discord link in chat
!donateLink for making a donation
!followagedisplay how long you have been following
!hug or !hugsGive someone a hug (@ enter a name)
!IrishDancing leprechauns on screen
!jigDance a jig with another user (@ enter a name)
!lurkLet everyone know you’re lurking for a while.
!pronounsLink for setting up pronoun display in your chat.
!quoteDisplay a random quote
!quote 3Display the quote number 3
!raidraid command for you to copy before going on a raid.
!seanAsk Sean Wooliam a question and he will answer. (Enter your question)
!skippingI am skipping in the kitchen while cooking dinner. Light skipping, of course. A frolic
!slapGive a user a friendly slap (@ enter a name)
!soGive someone a shout out for their Twitch channel
!swayI’m Dancing in my chair!!
!teaSparkly Tea emotes
!tipLink to throw something in the tip jar.
!unlurkLet everyone know you’re back from your lurk.
!waltzDance a waltz with another user (@ enter a name)
!web or !websiteDisplay website links
!worklurkWorking and Lurking
Mod CommandsDescription
!addquoteAdd a quote
!delquoteDelete a quote
!liveNow live in chat
!snSecrectNostrils link for finger pattern and tab website
!spgSPG Shout out
!tArtByTrishaHall Shout out
!bxShout out beatrixguitar