Hall Guitar Slides

Available in six diameters

Hall Guitar Slides are made from borosilicate glass this is the same type of glass that is used for glass laboratory equipment and durable kitchenware commonly known as Pyrex®.

To make the slides, we cut the glass tubing to length and fire polish the ends so they are smooth and slightly rounded. Our Hall Guitar Slides are available in six size diameters. So, you can find your perfect fit.

Guitar Slide Sizes

Available in short or standard

Standard Slides – 2.5 inches long (63mm)
With this slide you can bar the entire width of the guitar neck and is usually used on the third finger.

Short Slides – 1.25 inches long (32mm )
This is a half slide, usually used on the little finger and slides on the lower strings on the guitar.

Find your perfect size

We have created a PDF Sizing guide you can print to make a paper slide to help determine the proper size for your fingers.

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