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Hall Crystal Flutes Celebrates 50 years of Musical Craftsmanship

Flute maker – James Hall

James Hall proudly announces the 50th-anniversary of Hall Crystal Flutes, marking a milestone of five decades of creativity and innovation producing exquisite flutes made of glass. What started with a young college student experimenting with a piece of glass and his brother’s jewelry torch soon turned into the beginning of Hall Crystal Flutes in 1974.

Through the years, Hall has perfected the tone and quality of these flutes made of borosilicate glass. Available in 9 different keys and 15 different decorations, each Hall Crystal Flute continues to be hand made by James Hall.

Although glass flutes were first made in France in the 1800’s, Hall is the main glass flute maker worldwide today. He and his wife, Jenny, operate their family business wholesaling to music stores, selling online and in person at Renaissance faires in the pacific northwest. “I have a lifestyle business where I do what I love and have been able to be present raising my kids” says Hall.

Hand tuning a flute at an outdoor market in the 1980’s. In the early years, Jim traveled with his flute making equipment working and selling at art shows and mall kiosks.