Traditional Celtic Tunes

James Hall streams live “Traditional Celtic Tunes” on Twitch
You can ask questions and he can demo the Hall Crystal Flutes for you.

Grab your Guitar, Violin, Mandolin, Flute or Whistle and join the fun!
You can ask questions in chat and I can demo the Hall Crystal Flutes for you on the stream.

Every Tuesday and Thursday
9:00 am to 12:00 pm PST

Videos of prior streams available to watch at any time

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Traditional Celtic Tunes Book

Our Traditional Celtic Tune book has 407 Celtic tunes. It is available for free in two formats. The PDF version is readable on your phone, tablet or home computer. Bookmarks have been added for each tune for quick access to each tune. The ABC version uses a common file format for sharing music on the web. To use this version, download one of the ABC readers listed bellow for your computer, phone or tablet and then load the ABC tune book file in to the ABC Reader. The software will allow you to display, play the audio, speed up or slow down, add, edit and transpose the tunes. It is a great tool for learning.

Celtic Tune Book – version 37 – 5/8/2024 (ABC Notation)

Celtic Tune Book – version 37 – 5/8/2024 (PDF)

ABC Notation Software:


ABC Reader for Windows (Free)

You can download “EasyABC” for free at:

A La Mode

ABC Reader for Android phones and tablets (Now Free)

If you have a Android phone or tablet, you can download “A La Mode” from the Google Play Store

ABC Notation

For more information on the ABC format, and for other software or platforms, please visit the ABC Notation home page at